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Our Bed Bug Guarantee to Buffalo, NY

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Our bed bug exterminating treatments are so successful that we confidently stand behind our 90-day guarantee, promising that no bed bugs will return for a full 90 days after all bed bugs have been destroyed. We are proud, as Buffalo bed bug experts, to have one of the best guarantees in all of New York. We will come back and treat your home for free if new bed bugs are found within the 90-day guarantee period.

Guarantee Details

We offer a 90-day guarantee, following the elimination of all bed bugs. Bed bugs are considered fully eliminated when we return to your home for a follow-up call after your initial treatment, and no signs of live bed bugs have been identified by our bedbug exterminator technicians or by anyone on the property, and no bed bug bites have been reported on the property.

Once the entire elimination has been confirmed, your 90-day guarantee begins. In the unlikely event that more bed bugs return during those 90 days, our bedbug exterminator team will come back and re-treat your property free of charge, and will continue to treat it until all bed bugs are gone. Usually this is not needed, but it gives our customers extra peace of mind.

Our guarantee is based on the removal of all bed bugs from various treatments that we offer, including heat treatment, freeze treatment, dust treatment, vacuuming, bed bug traps, encasements, and pesticides. Whichever service plan you receive from our bedbug exterminator professionals will continue with our 90-day guarantee, providing all conditions are met.

Guarantee Conditions

  • All bedrooms in the infested property must be treated
  • In multi-unit dwellings, all adjoining properties must be inspected for bed bugs, and if bed bugs are confirmed, then they must be treated by us
  • All box springs and mattresses must be treated

*If these requirements are not adhered to in full, our bedbug exterminator staff may offer a reduction in the length of your guarantee.

Guarantee Exclusions

We will not offer our standard 90-day guarantee in certain circumstances that make our service plans more difficult to implement. These exclusions are:

  • Extreme clutter. If the floor of a property is more than 75% covered up with clutter and furniture
  • Tenants refuse to cooperate
  • Severe infestations. If more than 100 bed bugs are identified on your initial inspection, this is proof of a particularly severe infestation, which will take longer than usual to treat
  • New furniture. If furniture is brought into the home during the guarantee period, whether new or used.
  • Outside treatment. If another company, the homeowner, or a tenant has treated the property and caused an infestation to worsen or spread.

Many other bedbug exterminator treatment companies around Buffalo offer a shorter length guarantee or no guarantee at all. As bed bug experts, we introduced our 90-day guarantee because we are confident in our treatments, our equipment, our skills, and our expertise.

Our services are reliable and cost effective. Our bed bug extermination cost is extremely competitive. Our vast experience makes us the best people to take care of your bed bug infestation, so don’t leave yourself vulnerable by working with anyone else.

A repeat infestation can not only be stressful and mentally damaging, but it is an inconvenience to re-treat, not to mention the added cost. A bed bug extermination cost is not something that many people want to pay for twice. Could you afford to pay a bed bug extermination cost for a second round of treatment if your initial pest control team didn’t do the job properly? Don’t get caught having to pay more than you need to. Call us, your Buffalo bed bug experts.



Guaranteed Bed Bug Extermination

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