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Pesticide bed bug treatment options in Buffalo

Do We Use Pesticides for Buffalo Bed Bug Removals?


Bed Bug Extermination Buffalo and Other Methods

Our aim is to have a very minimal impact on the environment while still eliminating all bed bugs on your property. Using an eco-friendly treatment does not mean that the treatment is any less effective than chemicals or pesticides. In fact, quite the opposite. Heat treatment for bed bugs, in particular, is hailed as the best way to treat bed bugs for a variety of reasons.

However, we understand that different Buffalo customers may have different needs, and therefore do offer pesticide treatment containing chemicals where necessary.

The Pros and Cons of Using Pesticides for Bed Bug Removal

Pesticide treatment is an effective method in treating bed bug infestations. Our Buffalo bed bug exterminators can use pesticides to treat any level of infestation.

The pesticides we use are also completely safe for children and pets, and are expressly legal in New York for bed bug removal.

Using pesticides also has the advantage of lowering your total bed bug exterminator cost.

The main drawback is that it is a much longer process to completely eliminate an infestation because it does not kill bed bug eggs. This means that even after a pesticide treatment, more eggs will hatch, and another pesticide treatment will be necessary to treat the newly hatched bugs before they mature and lay eggs themselves. You will also require a subsequent bed bug inspection.

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And although spraying with pesticides only takes about an hour, you won’t be able to return home for about 6 hours.

How Are Our Pesticides Different from Store-Bought Options?

Bed Bug Extermination Buffalo and Other Treatment Methods

It might be tempting for some Buffalo home-owners or property managers to try to solve their bed bug problem themselves with a DIY approach. Why not save yourself the bed bug exterminator cost, right?

Unfortunately, store-bought bed bug pesticides are not 100% effective in killing bed bugs. They are effective at repelling insects. So, what happens is that at least some bed bugs will survive and look for a new area to infest. The result is that instead of getting rid of them, they just spread to a different room.

That’s why recommend not moving any of your bedding and not trying to take care of the problem yourself.

The pesticides we use are commercial-grade, not available for purchase by private consumers. These are strong chemicals that will do the job, but be completely safe a few hours after our visit.

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